Media Engagements & Outreach

Planetary Geomorphology

Image of the Month for the month of June, 2021.

Lauren Mc Keown science blog

In collaboration with Featherwax post production, this blog aims to share my research and describe planetary surface processes that have no Earth analogues using artistic post‐production movies and engaging with the general public via Twitter.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE Science Nugget

Invited by the HiRISE science team to publish a science nugget on spider laboratory research on the HiRISE website and to share with NASA HQ

The World Radio Show

Radio Interview on Spiders from Mars in the Laboratory

Blackrock Castle Observatory

Space Careers Video for Kids

Dublin’s Q102 Radio Station

Interview on Martian spiders in the laboratory

Panel Speaker

International Women’s Day Museum Lates, Natural History Museum

Keynote Speaker: Lost Lectures, Night at the Museum

50th Anniversary Moon Landing Talk, Natural History Museum

Cool Science and Curious Minds Podcast

Ep 7, Mars Landing Sites

WeMartians Podcast

Ep 21, LPSC, Interview, CO2 sublimation on Mars

Invited Speaker: FM104 Radio Regular Segment

A Career in Planetary Science